Best in Show Solitaire: Arcade - A Free Addictive Dog Card Game for Flash

The online version of Best in Show (above) is very similar to the full version game. Best in Show Solitaire: Arcade is a simplified version of the full downloadable game of the same name. This version is all about high scores and big combos. The goal is to clear as many cards as you can in each level. Bigger combos lead to bigger points and earning extra hands to play.


While the Free Flash Game, Best in Show Arcade does capture the core gameplay of Best in Show Solitaire, the full version has several enhanced features:

  • A Full Campaign and Story Mode - Over 300 unique hands of Solitaire
  • More Challenge! Fences, Fetch cards and squirrels block your progress
  • Special Cards! The Dig card helps you bust through fence obstacles
  • Purchase, Manage and Name your Dogs - buy new dogs and train them to improve their stats
  • Unique Dog Abilities - each dog breed has 2 unique abilities that enhance gameplay
  • An Undo Button and Spare Toys give a more complete experience
  • A Town Map with tons of venues to explore!
  • You can purchase the PC Version directly from us today - or grab it on Big Fish Games

High Scores

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