About Us

Graduate Games is small two person company that was founded in 2006 by Michael Gnade and Zachary Gebelein in Wilmington, Delaware (The Place to be Somebody! That is really the city's slogan). Mike and Zak grew up next door to one another and have been friends since they were four. Our game studio, Graduate Games offers fun, creative, and polished games for the kid in all of us.

It is our goal to make fun games without throwing all our money down the toilet along the way. If you would like to support us and our passion for video games, simply purchase a game or tell a friend. We don't have much marketing muscle and rely heavily on our customers and fans to spread the word.

Learn the many other reasons, you should buy a game directly from us.

Graduate Games Principals

Michael Gnade has been an avid video gamer since the 8-bit NES era. Proving that he learned nothing in school, Mike helped found the indie game studio Graduate Games. Mike does the programming for our games, handles all the tech support questions, web design, and marketing of our games. He also has to deal with his highly demanding wife, dog, and cat.

Zak Gebelein is an avid gamer and artist, he is always looking for a few cheap distractions to break up the monotony of the daily grind. Zak is the art director of most of our games. More importantly, he serves as a sounding board for Mike and keeps him focused on 1 game idea at a time.

Why Buy a Game Directly from Us?

1. Because our full version games are incredibly fun! So fun that we Guarantee you won't ask for your money back and offer 100% free demos to try our games out before you buy them.

2. NO DRM (Copy Protection)! Our games are DRM Free. We don't limit how many times you can download or reinstall your game. Have several PC's and want to play on all of them? No problem. We don't treat our customers like pirates and have them jump through unnecessary hoops like online activation.

3. Because you're giving the little guy 90% of your purchase- the other bit goes to the secure credit card processor. We use the cash to feed our adorable animals... how can you say No to these adorable faces:

4. Independence - Graduate Games is completely operated by Zak and Mike. No investors or Corporate Big Wigs dictate what type of game we develop.

5. No Corporate Nonsense - There's no spyware, advertisements or any other ridiculous and annoying thing in any of our games or demos. We don't sell email addresses or spam you with marketing offers, though you can signup for our newsletter.

6. Regular Updates - Once you buy our game you own it and any future title updates. We are constantly fixing bugs and implementing new features. These updates happen often and don't cost you a thing. 

7. Support - We don't have a 24/7 support team that is outsourced to some other country, but as a customer you do have a direct line of communication with the person who designed and programmed the game. Who better to address your problem? 

8. We have demanding Wives who think our passion for games is childish - Help us to continue to annoy them by financing our childish venture.

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