Technical Support

The vast majority of our games will work fine on the vast majorty of systems, however if you do have problems, we will do our very best to fix them for you. We respond quickly to our technical support emails. We recommend you email us at if you are still having problems after reading these tips.

The Game is installed, but will not Start

This is probably the result of an error that occurred during installation. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the game. If your game still does not load properly, contact us.

Game Crashes During Gameplay

This is probably a result of other applications running on your system interferring with our game. We recommend you close all your other programs before running our games. If you are still having this problem, open the Task Manager and verify that no other large processes are running.

Other Tips

Sometimes running our games in older versions of Windows fixes some of the newer OS bugs that can crop up. Right click the icon for the game on your desktop and select 'properties'. you will see that one tab is called 'compatibility'. Try running the game as though it was running under Windows XP.

If all Else Fails

We do our best to ship our games with as few bugs as possible, but things still crop up. Please let us know of any crazy glitches, problems, or bugs so that we can improve and update our game.


Contact Us

If you're still having problems, email:

Your email will go directly to Mike, the programmer of the game. If he can't fix the problem, we'll refund your purchase.

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