Storked - Penguin Puzzle Platformer for PC

Storked is a puzzle-platforming game from Graduate Games. Help the Stork protect the egg and use each penguin's unique abilities to solve puzzles. Control 4 Unique Penguins across 4 worlds and over 100 different levels in this family friendly puzzle & platform game.

The game is easy to learn and control and features simple keyboard controls or point and click mouse controls. There are 3 unique worlds to explore and each penguin has different abilities and specialties. Who will be your favorite penguin? Murray is an athlete and can throw snowballs. Milton is a nerd who can use 6 different gadgets including a rocketpack, diving mask, teleporter, jackhammer, and more. Tony is the brawny guardian of the group who can lift heavy boxes and hurl the egg over cliffs. Lilly is a Rock Hopper Penguin and is the only one who can jump over obstacles and reach higher echelons of the level.

Storked is great for the entire family and has no profanity or violence. It's a great game to play with the whole family. Gather around the computer and enjoy frustration free gameplay – Storked doesn't have any time limits or lives. Levels unlock based on your skill level and the game automatically saves your progress.

  • Over 100 levels of Platforming and Puzzling Action
  • 4 Unique Penguins with different abilities
  • No time limits, No enemies, take your time and play at your own pace
  • Great Customization – play your own MP3s within the game
  • Unconditional 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
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  • Still Not Convinced? Take a look at what other players and reviewers are saying about Storked:

    "If you genuinely like the game you should feel motivated to support the creators, the basement studio game designers. As far as I'm concerned this kind of project is a lot more relevant than those multi-million dollar megahit videogame blockbusters that keep getting all the hype!" -

    "I allowed my daughter to play the demo and she got the hang of it a lot faster than I did....KIDS!...Her favorite part was letting the penguin eat all the fish." - Ribbon Rock Star

    "The Good: Varied abilities, straightforward controls, informative tutorial, numerous obstacles and levels, level editor...Having all four of these penguins at your disposal can make for some pleasingly complex puzzles" - James Allen, Out of Eight PC Game Reviews

    "Relaxation at its best...I absolutely loved the cute retro graphics. I also find the idea of having four penguins kicking and rolling an egg quite funny :) ... Recommended? Yes:)" - Casual Games Galore

    "I will definitely be telling my son about this game when he arrives from school later. After he does his homework, of course!" - Maiylah

    "The fun music, vibrant colors and cute graphics have even caught my 3 years old's attention and he said he wanted to sit on my lap and he wanted to play too. I'm sure if my girl sees this game, she would want to learn to play too... I better only play when she's at school." - Elaine

    So what are you waiting for? Download the FREE Game Demo or just BUY the game already.

  • Try the Free Demo
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