Kudos 2 - Social Simulation and Strategy for PC

Kudos 2 is a life-simulation strategy game. Kudos is a turn-based game that puts you in control of a single character and manages their life from age 20 to 30. You get to pick their friends, their job, and how they spend their free time, but there is a catch! You can only choose to do one thing each day, or two at the weekends. This makes Kudos 2 a game of agonizing choices. Do you turn down an invitation from a friend because you are too tired from work? Do you put more time into your friends or your career? When do you find time to look for a better job, or to spend time with your pet?  
Kudos 2 is unlike any strategy or casual game you have played before. The game has a totally original style, and uses artwork by reknown comic artist Jamie McKelvie. Every game of Kudos is unique. Did you become a high-flying corporate lawyer who cruises to the office each morning in a luxury car, but has no social life, or do you become a popular, trendy and much loved guitar-player, who works as a waitress to pay the bills? Will you have the money to splash out on a burglar alarm, or rely on your martial arts (or your faithful pet dog) to protect you from crime?  
If you enjoy games like The Sims you will love Kudos 2, as it's a similar theme but done in a totally original way. Whereas The Sims plays like an arcade game, Kudos 2 gives you time to think carefully about all the decisions your character makes, from which people they associate with (your friends personalities rub off on you) to what TV they watch (news is educational, but depressing!), to what food they eat (alcohol boosts your confidence, but don't drink too much...). Kudos is the game for people who love life simulation games, but want something new. There will be a free demo, so you have nothing to lose, and you will be able to buy the game online direct from us, the developers of the game. No middlemen, no waiting. Kudos 2 has VERY low computing system-requirements, and will be a quick, small no-fuss download. 

  • Infinite Replayability
  • Great customization - completely customize your character's look
  • Multiple Professions - every choice affects your life
  • Great Artwork by Jamie McKelvie

Gameplay Video

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This game is developed by a third party developer, not Graduate Games.